Hanzo's Mailchimp Integration enables Hanzo to send detailed Ecommerce data to Mailchimp and subscribe users to your lists there.


You need a Mailchimp API Key and at least one List ID to be used for Ecommerce transactional data. You can find your Mailchimp API Key here. Your List ID is visible on the list settings page.

Enable Mailchimp

You can Enable the Mailchimp integration by dragging it from the list of available integrations on your integration page and configuring a List ID and API Key for Hanzo to use.

Create a Mailchimp Account

Make sure you have a Mailchimp Account in good standing or create one here.

Create a list for Ecommerce data to be synchronized with

Hanzo can send detailed Ecommerce-related data to Mailchimp as well as power sophisticated marketing automations. To enable this feature, you must configure the List ID of the list you want to use.

Authenticate your sending domain

Add CNAME record for DKIM for your sending domain

Add SPF record for your sending domain

Abandoned Cart Emails

You can configure Mailchimp to send abandoned cart emails and rescue lost carts from Mailchimp.