Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Hanzo. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Hanzo provides a suite of APIs to grow your company and take advantage of the power of the blockchain. Our tools make blockchain payments easy and drives growth for your business. You can focus on building what you’re passionate about and leave the rest to us.

And as you grow your business, Hanzo grows with you.

Create a Hanzo user account

Create a Hanzo account by signing up here. By creating a Hanzo user account, you'll be able to create new company and personal organizations, acquire customers, collect payments and more with Hanzo.

Create an Organization

Hanzo uses organizations as a namespace to safely isolate and store data. To enable user signup, order and payment APIs, you'll have to create an organization first.

Enable Hanzo APIs

Hanzo is a modular ecommerce platform with APIs broken up into modules. You can mix and match modules to unlock functionality in Hanzo as you need it.

Choose a preset, or customize which APIs you'll be using. You can chase your enabled APIs at anytime from your dashboard.


Create a landing page

Hanzo will:

  • Enable Site API
  • Enable Analytics API
    You'll need to:
  • Configure a domain / hosting / site

Validate an idea

  • Enable Form API
  • Enable Subscriber API

Acquire more users

  • Enable Referral API
  • Enable Ambassador API
  • Enable Form API

Launch a pre-order campaign

  • Payment API
  • Order API
  • Coupon API

Open an online shop

  • Shop API
  • Enable User API

Available APIs

  • Analytics
  • User
  • Order
  • Payment
  • Subscribers
  • Forms
  • Stores
  • Sites
  • Coupons
  • Referral Programs
  • Affiliates / Ambassadors

Configure Hanzo Integrations

You can customize how Hanzo works by configuring integrations with other platforms such as Facebook, Mailchimp or Stripe. Configuring integrations is optional, but does unlock new super power for Hanzo.


Enable Google Analytics, Facebook Integrations

Email and Forms

Enable Mailchimp and/or Mandrill integrations


Enable Stripe or PayPal integration.

Create a site

Collect analytics and track users

Collect information from users with forms

Enable user authentication and signup

Collect pre-orders or payments for services or products

Configure emails