Add Analytics to your site

To the left of your integrations page you'll find a code snippet that looks like this:

<!-- Hanzo analytics tag -->
  !function(t,e,a){var r,n,c,i,o,s,l,u;if({for(r=[],r.methods=["ab","alias","group","identify","off","on","once","page","pageview","ready","track","trackClick","trackForm","trackLink","trackSubmit"],l=r.methods,c=function(t){r[t]=function(){var e;return,e.unshift(t),r.push(e),r}},i=0,o=l.length;o>i;i++)s=l[i],c(s);return u=e.createElement("script"),u.async=!0,u.type="text/javascript",u.src=a,n=e.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],n.parentNode.insertBefore(u,n),}}(window,document,"//[YOUR-COMPANY].js");

You only need copy this snippet out and paste it into each HTML page you want to enable analytics for. Precisely where does not matter too much, but it's best to consistently put it either at the very top or very bottom of the page. Be sure to test a few events such as clicking links and refreshing the page to make sure your analytics are working properly before setting them and forgetting them - be aware, however, that particularly with Facebook, it can take a little bit for events to show up, so be patient with them!